Advisory - Lahore

Aysha Malik Awan


She is a social worker and started her journey 10 years back. She has seen lots of difficulties, and negative feedback but never looked back. She has worked with different organizations and now is a motivational speaker- She is also the President of Ayesha Awan Welfare. Her main perspective and working for Special Women Rights. Apart from their being a citizen, they have lots of issues beyond that like education, mobility on roads, access to cars buses, and vans. She has started working on this. Her wish is to make them confident and provide them with the things by which they can commute easily, for this purpose she also provides wheelchairs, sticks, and crunches to deserving people. She has also achieved the Khadija Tal Kubra Award, Pride of Pakistan for her merit and selfless service, and has received many awards for her services.